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Nothing Ever Really Goes Away On The Internet: ra-plugins

I used to man­age a large num­ber of QMail in­stal­la­tion­s. And be­cause Qmail was ... weird­ly li­censed, I wrote a set of plug­ins that ran on top of a patch called Qmail-SP­P. I pret­ty much stopped do­ing that years ago be­cause life took me in oth­er di­rec­tion­s, and for­got all about it.

That col­lec­tion is called ra-­plu­g­ins and I had not touched it since late 2008.

And to­day... I got a patch with two whole plug­ins to add to it so that it makes Qmail han­dle email ad­dress­es more like Gmail does (alias­es us­ing user+­foo and mak­ing us­er.­foo the same as user­foo).

So, I got them, added them, fixed a few sim­ple build­ing is­sues, up­dat­ed the lib­smtp it us­es in­ter­nal­ly for one of the plug­ins to a lat­er ver­sion, and there it stays, per­haps not to be touched un­til 2018.

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