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Shoreham: Blogging with Ubuntu One (a teaser)

At Canon­i­cal's On­line Ser­vices we can do cool stuff on fri­days. We do cool stuff all week, ac­tu­al­ly, but on fri­days we can do cra­zier cool stuff.

So, to­day, I ripped off a great ser­vice of­fered by http://­calepin.­co and im­ple­ment­ed a pro­to­type blog-through-Ubun­tu-One web ap­pli­ca­tion. Of course, it's pow­ered by Niko­la,

The code is ab­so­lute non­sense, and it needs to be looked at by some­one who un­der­stands Djan­go, OAu­th, OpenID, and pro­gram­ming in gen­er­al bet­ter than I do, but hey, it does work (for a very loose def­i­ni­tion of "work").

It's called Shore­ham and no, you can't have it yet.

As a teaser, here's a video. With a pony.

In the near fu­ture I will do a bet­ter post about this ex­plain­ing the code, etc.

John Lenton / 2012-04-27 23:20:

Remember the "description" query arg in the authorization url that I told you about? it's so you don't get that ugly "None" as device name.

Roberto Alsina / 2012-04-28 00:39:

Ack, thanks! Forgot about it.

Ramiro Algozino / 2012-04-28 02:06:

"Aranduka Books"!!! yay!!

Roberto Alsina / 2012-04-28 02:11:

Algun dia reciclaremos Aranduka y conquistaremos el mundo ;-)

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