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Salió el primer número de PET en inglés!

He­ll yeah! It has been a lot of wo­rk but it's out at http://­re­vis­ta.­p­y­tho­n.or­

So­me arti­cle­s:

  • PyA­­r, The His­­to­­­ry

  • from gc im­­port co­­­m­­mo­n­sen­­se - Fi­­nish Hi­­m!

  • Pai­n­­le­ss Co­n­­cu­­rren­­c­­y: The mu­l­­ti­­pro­­­ce­s­­sing Mo­­­du­­le

  • In­­tro­­­du­c­­tion to Unit Tes­­ting wi­­th Py­­thon

  • Taint Mo­­­de in Py­­thon

  • Applied Dy­­na­­mism

  • De­­co­­­ra­­ting co­­­de (Part 1)

  • We­­b2­­Py for Eve­­r­­y­­body

It's avai­la­ble in pre­tty mu­ch eve­ry for­mat an­yo­ne can rea­d, and if your fa­vou­ri­te is not the­re, we wi­ll make it for you or may I be smo­te by the fl­ying spa­ghe­tti mons­te­r's nood­ly appen­da­ge!

AFAIK the­re is no other Py­thon ma­ga­zi­ne being pu­blis­hed (feel free to co­rrect me), so it's kind of a big thing for us in PyAr (the Ar­gen­ti­na Py­thon co­m­mu­ni­ty) that we are doing one, and in two lan­gua­ges.

But why stop he­re? Want it to be avai­la­ble in your lan­gua­ge? Con­tact us at re­vis­ta­p­ya­r@­ne­t­ma­na­ger­s.­co­ it may be doa­ble!

And of cour­se, ve­ry soon the­re wi­ll be a ca­ll for arti­cles for Is­sue 2, and trust me: that one's going to be epic: this one was just a war­mu­p.

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