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Qt Mac Tips

My team has been work­ing on port­ing some PyQt stuff to Mac OS­X, and we have run in­to sev­er­al Qt bugs, sad­ly. Here are two, and the work­arounds we found.

Na­tive di­alogs are bro­ken.

Us­ing QFile­Di­a­­tEx­ist­ingDi­rec­to­ry we no­ticed the fol­low­ing symp­tom­s:

  • If you do noth­ing, the di­a­log went away on its own af­ter about 20 sec­ond­s.

  • Af­ter you used it on­ce, it may pop up and dis­­ap­­pear im­me­di­ate­­ly. Or not.

So­lu­tion: use the Don­tUse­N­a­tive­Di­a­log op­tion.

Wid­gets in QTreeWid­getItems don't scrol­l.

When you use Wid­gets in­side the items of a QTreeWid­get (which I know, is not a com­mon case, but hey, it hap­pen­s), the wid­gets don't scroll with the item­s.

Solution: use the -graph­ic­ssys­tem raster options. You can even inject them into argv if the platform is darwin.

Juan B. Cabral / 2012-08-26 20:19:

che robert... digo si usas en un sistema darwin, que no tiene cocoa (onda darwin con gnome) funciona igual con la opcion -graphicssystem raster ?

Roberto Alsina / 2012-08-26 21:33:

Nunca oí de alguien que *use* darwin con gnome :-)
Sí debería andar igual, esa opción anda en todas las plataformas.

myself / 2012-08-28 18:05:

You don't even say which version of Qt this is refering to,

Roberto Alsina / 2012-08-28 18:09:

Latest as of the moment it was posted: 4.8.2

However, AFAIK both bugs affect all Qt 4.x versions.

Also, please work on your manners, you come accross as impolite.

Sahar Pak / 2012-12-16 00:37:

Im so sorry.
but why do you think, that i was impolite??

Roberto Alsina / 2012-12-16 23:15:

It just sounds like a complain.

Sahar Pak / 2012-12-16 00:33:


Roberto Alsina / 2012-12-16 23:15:


Sahar Pak / 2012-12-15 20:36:

Hi Dear Admin,

how can i convert a Python_format to a PYQT_format?


Roberto Alsina / 2012-12-16 23:16:


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