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To write, and to write what.

Some of you may know I have writ­ten about 30% of a book, called "Python No Muerde", avail­able at http://no­­man­ager­s.­ (in span­ish on­ly).That book has stag­nat­ed for a long time.

On the oth­er hand, I wrote a very pop­u­lar se­ries of post­s, called PyQt by Ex­am­ple, which has (y­ou guessed it) stag­nat­ed for a long time.

The main prob­lem with the book was that I tried to cov­er way too much ground. When com­plete, it would be a 500 page book, and that would in­volve writ­ing half a dozen ex­am­ple app­s, some of them in ar­eas I am no ex­pert.

The main prob­lem with the post se­ries is that the ex­am­ple is lame (a TO­DO ap­p!) and ex­pand­ing it is bor­ing.

¡So, what bet­ter way to fix both things at on­ce, than to merge them!

I will leave Python No Muerde as it is, and will do a new book, called PyQt No Muerde. It will keep the tone and lan­guage of Python No Muerde, and will even share some chap­ter­s, but will fo­cus on de­vel­op­ing a PyQt app or two, in­stead of the much more am­bi­tious goals of Python No Muerde. It will be about 200 pages.

I have ac­quired per­mis­sion from my su­pe­ri­ors (my wife) to work on this project a cou­ple of hours a day, in the ear­ly morn­ing. So, it may move for­ward, or it may not. This is, as usu­al, an ex­per­i­men­t, not a prom­ise.

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