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New golfing challenge: PatoCabrera

In the spir­it of the De Vi­cen­zo web browser, I am start­ing a new pro­gram, called Pa­to Cabr­era. Here are the rules:

  • Twit­ter client (no iden­ti.­­ca in the first ver­­sion, but to be added lat­er)

  • Has these fea­­tures: http://­­paste­bin.lug­­

  • Has to be im­­ple­­men­t­ed be­­fore April 4th

  • Smal­l­­er than 16384 bytes (of python code) but may be larg­er be­­cause of art­­work.

Let's see how it works :-)

Anon / 2011-03-12 15:32:
Roberto Alsina / 2011-03-12 17:23:

yep, saw it. I'll do an client, I suppose.

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