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Bookrest: it was meant to be a stylesheet editor.

In my orig­i­nal post about it I was re­fer­ring to Bookrest as a stylesheet ed­i­tor for rst2pdf, be­cause that's what I want­ed, a way to test style changes and see what they did.

Of course, one thing lead to an­oth­er and it's start­ing to look more like a word pro­ces­sor than any­thing else, but ... well, how about a stylesheet ed­i­tor?

Sure, you can use the "Style" tab, and ed­it at will, but that's not ex­act­ly fun for ev­ery­one.

So, let's work on one. Here's the video of the cur­rent sta­tus:

Of course, this is about 1/20th of the stylesheet ed­i­tor, but at least the di­a­log is there, and most of the re­main­ing work is wiring di­alogs, which is quick us­ing de­sign­er.

jjconti / 2009-09-28 18:19:

Muy bueno.
Uso poco rst. Pero algo que encontré complicado es crear tablas:

| asi? |
| no recuerdo |

Estaría bueno, para tu rest suite, una gui tipo planilla de cálculo en la cula llenar celdas con texto, seleccionar un rectangulo y que te genere el código rst correspondiente. Se entendió?


Roberto Alsina / 2009-09-28 18:25:

Sí, se entendió, después del editor de estilos viene eso :-)

santi / 2009-09-28 19:53:

Excelente Roberto. Video tras video la cosa se ve mucho mejor. Le veo mucho futuro :)

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