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Urssus: July 19th

I con­fess I cheat­ed and kept work­ing on it yes­ter­day af­ter the blog post. OTO­H, I will not touch it to­day ;-). Big func­tion­al­i­ty added, too.

  • Feed items (The things on the tree) now are up­­­dat­ed when the back­­­ground process checks them.

  • They are al­­so up­­­dat­ed when you read ar­ti­­cles from a feed.

  • The fil­ter thingie work­s, you type some tex­t, and on­­ly the ar­ti­­cles with that text are shown (see screen­shot).

  • Added a wid­get (not di­alog) for search­ing with­­in the page, fire­­fox-­­like (see screen­shot)


The bad news is that the "next un­read ar­ti­cle" code and a few oth­ers is garbage. It's quite in­ef­fi­cient be­cause I tried to be cheap and not cre­ate a co­her­ent mod­el for feed­s.

How­ev­er it works and you will nev­er tell the dif­fer­ence un­less you have 2000 ar­ti­cles be­tween where you are and the next un­read (in which case the win­dow goes kin­da nuts for a cou­ple of sec­ond­s).

Still fun!

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