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Rst2pdf progress

I ha­ve set for myself a prio­ri­ty list of bugs that bo­ther me in rs­t2­pdf, my tool to con­vert res­truc­tu­red text in­to PDFs in or­der of de­crea­sing sha­me­ful­ness.

I ha­ve been fi­xing a few to­day (ear­ly mor­ning + la­te ni­ght ha­ck) so the fo­llo­wing is now co­rrec­t:

  • Use of in­­clu­­ded sty­­le­s­hee­­ts

  • Ve­r­­ti­­cal spa­­cing of in­­den­ted li­­ne­­blo­­­cks

  • Use of :ta­r­­ge­­t: in fi­­gu­­re di­­re­c­­ti­­ves

The­re are 46 open is­sues but I am not plan­ning on fi­xing them all. My per­so­nal hi­tlist has 10 mo­re bugs in it, but re­gard­le­ss of how many I fix, I in­tend to re­lea­se an­ywa­y, be­cau­se:

  • Last re­­lea­­se is bro­­ken wi­­th la­­test re­­po­r­­tlab

  • Last re­­lea­­se is a bit bro­­ken wi­­th do­­­cu­­tils 0.10 whi­­ch wi­­ll be out soon

  • Last re­­lea­­se was over six mo­n­­ths ago

And that last one is the cri­ti­cal one. Wo­rking at Ca­no­ni­cal has sho­wn me that re­lea­se ca­den­ce is good. Spe­cia­lly in a pro­ject whe­re trunk is ve­ry ra­re­ly bro­ken (like rs­t2­pdf) the­re is no rea­son for slow re­lea­se cy­cle­s. Rs­t2­pdf should re­lea­se mon­th­l­y.

I fu­lly in­tend to take that appro­ach, so the next re­lea­se wi­ll be do­ne on De­cem­ber 21s­t.

SebastianBassi / 2012-12-14 02:53:

+1 al último punto.
Siempre que me preguntan por un lenguaje de MD recomiendo rst.

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