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Nikola v7 finally out!

I am th­ri­lled to an­noun­ce ver­sion 7 of Niko­la, a sta­tic si­te and blog ge­ne­ra­tor is ou­t, wi­th a ba­zi­llion fea­tu­res and bu­gfixes (see be­lo­w).

You can get it at all the usual pla­ce­s, and he­re's the re­lea­se an­noun­ce­ment

He­re's the new fea­tu­res, the bu­gfixes list would make the post too long :-)

  • Added UNS­LU­GI­FY_­TI­TLES op­tion for making ti­tles fe­tched via the fi­le­na­me re­gexp pre­ttier (Is­sue #1282)

  • New de­pen­den­cie­s: na­tsort (na­tu­ral sor­ting in ga­lle­rie­s) and da­teu­til (re­pla­ces py­tz)

  • Niko­­­la.­­co­­­m­­man­­ds are now the use­­r-­­frien­d­­ly wra­­ppers from co­n­­so­­­le (Is­­sue #1177)

  • Add a gi­thu­b_­de­ploy co­m­mand to de­ploy to Gi­tHub pa­ges (Is­sue #1208)

  • Re­­mo­­­ve tidy fi­l­­ter (it was bro­­ken due to tidy being an­­cien­­t) (Is­­sue #1164)

  • Added GE­NE­RA­TE_R­SS se­tting to allow di­sa­bling RSS in Niko­la (Is­sue #1236)

  • Li­nk lis­­tings raw sou­r­­ces if CO­­­P­­Y_­­SOU­R­­CES is True (Is­­sue #1214)

  • Mu­ch mo­re po­wer­ful niko­la plu­gin co­m­mand (Is­sue #1189)

  • Mo­­­re po­­we­r­­ful co­n­­so­­­le mo­­­de allo­­ws ac­­ce­ss to all niko­­­la co­­­m­­man­­ds (Is­­sue #830)

  • New `RO­BO­TS_EX­CLU­SION­S` op­tion lis­ting re­sour­ces to ex­clu­de from site­map and in­clu­de in new ge­ne­ra­ted /ro­bo­ts.­txt (Is­sue #804)

  • Ge­­ne­­ra­­te si­te­­ma­­pi­n­­dex co­n­­tai­­ning RSS and si­te­­map fi­­les (Is­­sue #804)

  • Su­­pport hooks in te­m­­pla­­tes, for use by plu­­gins (Is­­sue #896)

  • Use rea­d­­li­­ne if avai­­la­­ble (Is­­sue #1238)

  • Re­pla­ced REA­D_­MO­RE_­LI­NK wi­th IN­DEX_­REA­D_­MO­RE_­LI­NK and RSS_­REA­D_­MO­RE_­LI­NK (Is­sue #1222)

  • Added rea­­di­n­­g_­­ti­­me, re­­mai­­ni­n­­g_­­rea­­di­n­­g_­­ti­­me, pa­­ra­­gra­­ph_­­coun­­t, re­­mai­­ni­n­­g_­­pa­­ra­­gra­­ph_­­count tags for REA­­D_­­MO­­­RE_­­LI­NK (Is­­sue #1220)

  • Add ca­­no­­­ni­­cal li­nk in lis­­tings.

  • Added su­­pport for new me­­ta fi­­les that are the sa­­me fo­r­­mat as 1-­­fi­­le me­­ta­­da­­ta, allo­­wing for grea­­ter fle­­xi­­bi­­li­­ty (Is­­sue #954)

  • Co­­­lo­r­­box is now in­­te­r­­na­­tio­­­na­­li­­zed (Is­­sue #1205)

  • Added LO­­­GO­­_URL and SHO­­W_­­BLO­­­G_­­TI­­TLE=­­True se­­ttings to fa­­ci­­li­­ta­­te sho­­wing off lo­­­gos (Is­­sue #1122)

  • Crea­­te au­­to­­­ma­­tic sto­­­ry in­­dex pa­­ges for su­­bfo­l­­de­r­s, too (Is­­sue #793)

  • New Slo­­­vak tran­s­­la­­tion by To­­­máš Prékop

  • Created a Ma­­rk­­do­­w­­nEx­­ten­­sion plu­­gin cla­ss (Is­­sue #1175)

  • The ba­­se the­­me pro­­­du­­ces pro­­­pe­r­­ly se­c­­tio­­­ned and se­­man­­tic HT­­M­­L5 (Is­­sues #1123, #1137)

  • The ba­­se the­­me co­­­mes wi­­th a new sty­­lish look by de­­fault (Is­­sue #1137)

  • The ba­­se the­­me su­­ppo­r­­ts Ri­­gh­­t-­­to­­-­­Le­­ft by using ::­­di­­r(­r­­tl) CSS4 ru­­les and <h­t­­ml di­­r="­r­­tl"> tags whe­­re va­­lid (Is­­sue #1146)

  • Boots­­trap 2 up­­dated to 2.3.2 (via Is­­sue #1137)

  • Added FO­R­­CE_I­­SO­­8601 se­­tting that cu­­rren­­tly makes new_­­post use ISO 8601 da­­tes (via Is­­sue #1156)

  • Added su­­pport for TZ spe­­ci­­fied in post da­­te (Is­­sue #1118)

  • Make niko­la init ask about the si­te’s se­ttings (Is­sue #1080)

  • Use na­­tu­­ral so­r­­ting for fi­­les and fo­l­­ders list in lis­­tings and ga­­lle­­ries (Is­­sue #1144)

  • Added in­­va­­rian­­ce tes­­ting (Is­­sue #672)

  • Plu­­gins can in­­ject te­m­­pla­­tes in the sys­­tem (Is­­sue #1139)

  • niko­la im­por­t_wor­dpress now has a --­­q­­tran­s­­la­­te op­tio­n, to par­se pos­ts in the qtrans­la­te wor­dpress plu­gin for­mat and turn them in­to mul­ti­lin­gual Niko­la pos­ts (Is­sue #1072)

  • niko­la con­so­le allo­ws for in­ter­pre­ter choi­ce via -b, -i, -p; mo­reo­ve­r, su­pport for bp­y­thon is not de­pre­ca­ted an­y­mo­re (Is­sue #1126)

  • re­ti­red tag for pos­ts has been re­pla­ced wi­th pri­va­te (via Is­sue #686)

  • Chan­­ged the de­­fault TRAN­S­­LA­­TIO­N­S_­­PA­­TTERN to "{­­pa­­th}.{­­lan­­g}.{ex­­t}". (Is­­sues #990, #829)

  • Ba­­ckwa­r­­ds co­m­­pa­­ti­­bi­­li­­ty wi­­th v5 is bro­­ken. Added ba­­ckwa­r­­d­s-i­n­­co­m­­pa­­ti­­ble chan­­ges. (Is­­sue #829)

  • Added a CON­TEN­T_­FOOTE­R_­FOR­MA­TS con­fig op­tio­n. It is us­ed to for­mat the CON­TEN­T_­FOOTER va­ria­ble pro­per­l­y, for com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty wi­th the Trans­la­ta­ble Se­ttings fea­tu­re. The va­ria­ble takes a dic­t, the ke­ys of whi­ch are lan­gua­ges, and va­lues are (args, kwargs). (Is­sue #1112)

  • Ce­r­­tain se­­ttings are now tran­s­­la­­ta­­ble. As of no­­w, the se­­ttings are: BLO­­­G_AU­­THO­­­R, BLO­­­G_­­TI­­TLE, BLO­­­G_­­DES­­CRI­P­­TIO­­N, LI­­CEN­SE, CO­N­­TEN­­T_­­FOOTE­­R, SO­­­CIA­­L_­­BU­­TTO­N­S_­­CO­­­DE, SEA­R­­CH_­­FO­R­­M, BO­D­­Y_EN­­D, EX­­TRA_HEA­­D_­­DA­­TA, NA­­VI­­GA­­TIO­­N_­­LI­NKS, REA­­D_­­MO­­­RE_­­LI­NK (the up-­­to­­-­­da­­te list is avai­­la­­ble in SI­­TE.­­TRAN­S­­LA­­TA­­BLE_SE­­TTINGS) (Is­­sues #851, #1057, #1061, #1112)

  • New Po­s­­­­tho­­­r() re­­turns me­­ta 'au­­tho­­­r' or BLO­­­G_AU­­THOR (Is­­sue #1117)

  • Ship ba­se-­­ji­n­­ja, boots­­tra­­p-­­ji­n­­ja, boots­­tra­­p3-­­ji­n­­ja wi­­th Niko­­­la (Is­­sue #1104)


  • Re­­mo­­­ve old me­ss­a­ges le­­ft over for ba­­ckwa­r­­ds co­m­­pa­­ti­­bi­­li­­ty: (Is­­sues #829, #1105)

    • "Mo­­­­­re po­­s­­­ts abou­­­t", re­­­pla­­­ced by "Mo­­­­­re po­­s­­­ts about %s"

    • "Po­­s­­­te­­­d", re­­­pla­­­ced by "Po­­s­­­te­­­d:"

    • "A­­l­­­so avai­­­la­­­ble in", re­­­pla­­­ced by "A­­l­­­so avai­­­la­­­ble in:"

  • Re­­mo­­­ve old "s­­l_­­SI", "tr_­­TR" lo­­­ca­­le alia­­ses (u­­se "s­­l" and "tr") (Is­­sue #829, #1105)

  • New op­­tion RSS_­­PLAIN to op­­tio­­­na­­lly strip HT­­ML from RSS fee­­ds (Is­­sue #1107)

  • Su­­pport co­n­­tent key in co­m­­pi­­le­r­s' crea­­te_­­post (Is­­sue #1098)

  • Use se­tup­tool­s’ ex­tras fea­tu­re. Use pip ins­ta­ll niko­la[ex­tra­s] to ins­ta­ll Niko­la wi­th ex­tras (re­­qui­­re­­men­­ts-ex­­tra­s.­­txt, for­mer­ly re­­qui­­re­­men­­ts-­­fu­­ll.­­txt -- no­te the na­me chan­ge!) (Is­sue #1089)

humitos / 2014-06-01 22:10:

Gracias a todos los que laburaron en esta release. Ya migré y, además de que fue muy sencillo, mi blog quedó más lindo con el tema que trae por defecto. Se nota que está un poco más pulido :D

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