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Nikola 5.5.1 released

I'm th­ri­lled to an­noun­ce ver­sion 5.5.1 of Niko­la my sta­tic si­te/­blog ge­ne­ra­tor is ou­t, wi­th bu­gfixes and new fea­tu­res (in­clu­ding ni­ce and ea­sy char­ts) and you can get it from the usual pla­ces or from Py­PI.

He­re's the list of chan­ges:


  • New FEE­­D_­­LEN­­GTH op­­tio­­n, de­­fau­l­­ts to 10 (Is­­sue #549)

  • Added no­-­ca­che hea­ders to niko­la ser­ve (Is­sue #545)

  • New mi­n­­css co­­­m­­man­­d, re­­mo­­­ves unu­s­ed and re­­dun­­dant CSS (Is­­sue #364)

  • New chart di­­re­c­­ti­­ve ba­s­ed on py­­gal

  • Up­­da­­te of IP­­y­­thon plu­­gin to wo­­­rk wi­­th the up­­co­­­ming IP­­y­­thon 1.0


  • Re­mo­ve ca­che/ when run­ning niko­la clean (Is­sue #558)

  • Ma­­rk bun­d­­les as "clea­­na­­ble" (Is­­sue #558)

  • Ma­de niko­la help mu­ch mo­re re­si­lient against bro­ken con­f.­py (Is­sue #550)

  • Show do­­­ci­n­­fo part of do­­­cu­­tils ou­­tput (Is­­sue #556)

  • Exit wi­­th error co­­­de when the­­re is an error (Is­­sue #543)

  • Re­vam­ped re­qui­re­men­ts.­txt — now re­qui­re­men­ts.­txt con­tains the re­qui­red de­pen­den­cies and re­­qui­­re­­men­­ts-­­fu­­ll.­­txt con­tains the op­tio­nal ones (Is­sue #547)

  • Fixed bug in exa­m­­ple usage of in­s­­ta­­ll_­­the­­me.

  • Be­­­tter help text for bootswa­­tch co­­­m­­man­­d.

  • Fixed in­s­­ta­­lla­­tion un­­der pip 1.4 or la­­ter (p­­y­­tz and ya­p­sy ve­r­­sions must be ha­r­­dco­­­ded due to cra­­zy ve­r­­sio­­­ning sche­­me­s)

  • Added .rst to the de­­fault reS­­tru­c­­tu­­re­­dText ex­­ten­­sions (via Is­­sue #542)

  • Mo­­­ved the sam­­ple si­­te to the new one-­­fi­­le fo­r­­mat (Is­­sue #542)

  • Es­­ca­­pe HT­­ML in ti­­tles (Is­­sue #537)

  • Fixed is­­sues wi­­th in­­dex pa­­ges in­­di­­ces (Is­­sue #532)

  • Fixed IP­­y­­thon plu­­gin to wo­­­rk wi­­th the la­­test IP­­y­­tho­­n.n­­b­­co­n­­vert ma­­chi­­ne­­ry

  • Fixed fai­­ling build be­­­cau­­se of hi­­dden fo­l­­ders and fi­­les in­­si­­de post fo­l­­der

Grzegorz Śliwiński / 2013-08-08 19:18:

weird... pip says 5.5 is the newest version

Roberto Alsina / 2013-08-08 19:26:

My mistake, I forgot to update a field in PyPI

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