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New Plugins for Nikola

Since ev­ery­one is in lock­down and I am no ex­cep­tion, I have spent some of my time do­ing things in open source project­s. Let me in­tro­duce you two new plug­ins for Niko­la my favourite stat­ic site gen­er­a­tor.

  1. marko

Yet an­oth­er im­ple­men­ta­tion of Mark­down! And since adding sup­port for new im­ple­men­ta­tions of mark­down is easy, I added it.

Marko has some in­ter­est­ing ideas. If a ecosys­tem of ex­ten­sions de­vel­op­s, it will be easy to sup­port them on the Niko­la side.

  1. myst

Yes, an­oth­er mark­down but, again, one with orig­i­nal ideas. In this case, myst has a lot of re­Struc­tured Text flavour, with sup­port for di­rec­tives and roles.

Of course when us­ing marko or myst in Niko­la you al­so get sup­port for short­codes so they are ex­tra-ex­ten­si­ble here.

If you are look­ing for a stat­ic site gen­er­a­tor, I am fair­ly sure "it does­n't sup­port my favourite markup lan­guage" is not a rea­son not to choose Niko­la :-)

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