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Migrating from Wordpress to Nikola

Se­ve­ral peo­ple ha­ve mi­gra­ted from Wor­dpress in­to Niko­la, and he­re are so­me of their des­crip­tions of the pro­ce­ss:

In ge­ne­ra­l, it see­ms to be wo­rkin­g, but the­re's so­me wo­rk sti­ll to be do­ne. Wor­dpress su­ppor­ts many di­ffe­rent plu­gins and ex­ten­sions whi­ch react to ma­rkup in their pa­ges, and su­ppor­ting tha­t's al­most an in­fi­ni­te ta­sk. Cu­rren­tly Niko­la's im­por­ter hand­les a few of the mo­re co­m­mo­n. But if you try to im­port your blog and get le­ss than ideal re­sul­ts, plea­se fi­le a bug and I'­ll do my best to fix it.

Usua­lly the fixes are ra­ther sim­ple, it's just that I ha­ve ne­ver seen that spe­ci­fic thing ;-)

Ha­ve fun!

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