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Presentando Aranduka

Y... es­te no lo es­toy ha­cien­do so­lo, lo que lo ha­ce más di­ver­ti­do.

Es un ad­mi­nis­tra­dor de eBooks (o de li­bros en ge­ne­ra­l?) que te ayu­da a te­ner tus PDF/­Mo­bi/­FB2/­lo­que­sea or­ga­ni­za­do­s, y de­be­ría even­tual­men­te sin­cro­ni­zar­los con el dis­po­si­ti­vo que que­rés usar pa­ra leer­lo­s.

¿Qué fun­cio­na? ¡Mi­rá el vi­deo!

Por si eso no tie­ne sen­ti­do pa­ra vo­s:

  • Po­­­dés ba­­jar li­­bros de Fee­­dBooks. Esos li­­bros se des­­ca­r­­gan, se agre­­gan a la ba­­se de da­­to­­s, se eti­­que­­tan, se ba­­ja la ta­­pa, etc. etc.

  • Po­­­dés im­­po­r­­tar tu ca­r­­pe­­ta ac­­tual de li­­bros en bu­l­­to

    Aran­­duka usa google y otros se­r­­vi­­cios pa­­ra tra­­tar de adi­­vi­­nar (por los no­m­­bres) qué li­­bro es ese y lle­­nar los da­­tos ex­­tra.

  • Po­­­dés "a­­di­­vi­­na­­r" esos da­­tos ex­­tra

    Ma­r­­can­­do co­­­mo co­n­­fia­­bles al­­gu­­nos da­­tos (por eje­m­­plo, el tí­­tu­­lo) Aran­­duka bus­­ca can­­di­­da­­tos que coi­n­­ci­­dan y ele­­gís el co­­­rre­c­­to.

    Por su­­pues­­to que ta­m­­bién se pue­­de edi­­tar los da­­tos ma­­nua­l­­men­­te.

Y eso es to­do por aho­ra. Fea­tu­res pla­nea­do­s:

  • Mu­­chos co­­­mo pa­­ra ha­­cer una lis­­ta.

La me­ta es cla­ra:

  • De­­be ser he­r­­mo­­­so (y no lo es)

  • De­­be ser po­­­ten­­te (y to­­­da­­vía no)

  • De­­be ser me­­jor que la "co­m­­pe­­ten­­cia"

Si no se lo­gran esas tres me­ta­s, es un fra­ca­so. Tal vez sea un fra­ca­so di­ver­ti­do, pe­ro igual es fra­ca­sar.

Cito / 2010-09-18 08:59:

Hi Roberto, did you already have a look at Calibre before writing this?

Roberto Alsina / 2010-09-18 10:45:

This was written because calibre simply melts my lame notebooks when I try to do anything with it.

Pierpaolo Da Fieno / 2010-09-18 13:05:

Really nice. I use Calibre and it's powerful but also incredibly cumbersome. I guess this one should be more focused to everyday tasks but quick and neat. Does aranduka mean anything? ...

Roberto Alsina / 2010-09-18 14:12:

It means "Book" in guaraní

Steve Romanow / 2010-09-18 19:29:

I am really looking forward to using this app. Any consideration how to include file stores such as Dropbox or UbuntuOne, where the syncing is already handled?

Roberto Alsina / 2010-09-18 23:12:

Well, the whole idea of Dropbox is that the app doesn't have to do anything, right? :-)

I want tags to have optional associated folders and filetypes, so if you tag the book with, say "iPad", it will automatically put a PDF version of the book in the "~/Dropbox/iPad-books" folder. That way, the dropbox app will make those books appear automatically on your iPad.

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