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PyQt en Ejemplos (Sesión 4) in castellano! (y agradecimientos)

Ade­más gra­cias a:

  • ZeD que en­­contró un bug en la se­­sión 2 y es­­cri­­bió un ar­­chi­­vo de co­n­­fi­­gu­­ra­­ción sphi­nx (fun­­cio­­­na muy bien­­!)

  • Ema­­nue­­le Ra­m­­pi­­chi­­ni que en­­contró un bug (que to­­­da­­vía no arre­­glé)

  • Si­­mon Edwa­r­­ds que po­s­­teó so­­­bre es­­ta se­­rie en su blog y in­­di­­có al­­gu­­nas di­­fe­­ren­­cias si quie­­ren usar PyK­­DE en vez de Py­­Q­­t.

Ibn Saeed / 2009-04-26 18:30:


I stumbled upon you website while searching for tutorials on PyQt4.

I really like your style of writing tutorials. Its really helpful. You should consider writing a small book on PyQt4 :)

Please, continue to write more Tutorials on PyQt4.

Roberto Alsina / 2009-04-26 21:45:

I have several more planned for PyQt4 but I ran out of free time this month.

The main problem about writing a book is ... well, it's a lot of work and I won't probably finish it.

So, I will publish a bunch more on this site, and then maybe I could "package" them as a small book someday.

Ibn Saeed / 2009-04-26 22:03:

Hello Alsina

That's reasonable approach as well.

I will be keeping an eye on your site :)

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