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Urssus: July 28th - Cleanup

He­re is the (not rea­ll­y) fu­ll lis­t:

  • Fixes on the in­s­­ta­­ller

  • Fix in im­­po­r­­tO­­­PML

  • Rai­­se the wi­n­­dow when you cli­­ck on the sys­­tray po­­­pup

  • Fixed se­­ve­­ral is­­sues after feed de­­le­­tion

  • Fixed se­­ve­­ral is­­sues wi­­th fee­­ds not up­­da­­ting the UI's un­­read count

  • Fixed the look of bu­­ttons on sea­r­­chWi­­dget and fi­l­­te­­rWi­­dget

  • And se­­ve­­ral mo­­­re...

And the big one:

  • Im­­ple­­men­ted da­­ta­­ba­­se sche­­ma ve­r­­sio­­­ning using sq­­la­l­­che­­m­­y-­­mi­­gra­­te.

What does that mean? That I can chan­ge the da­ta­ba­se and the user wi­ll not no­ti­ce an­y­thin­g.

On star­tu­p, uR­S­Sus che­cks if you are using the co­rrect sche­ma, and up­da­tes your da­ta­ba­se ac­co­rin­gl­y.

For exam­ple, I can now im­ple­ment ma­nual feed sor­tin­g, be­cu­se I need to add a "po­si­tio­n" field to the Feed cla­ss.

If I had not im­ple­men­ted this, that would re­qui­re a mu­ch grea­ter ha­ck.

No­w? I just do it, wri­te an upgra­de/­do­wn­gra­de scrip­t, and tha­t's all. Mi­gra­teis rea­lly a ve­ry cool tool, and sho­ws the stren­gth of using SQ­LAl­che­my (not so mu­ch that ofu­sing Eli­xi­r, be­cau­se they get along gru­dgin­gly ;-)

Cu­rrent LOC coun­t: 1491

Cu­rrent sta­tus: sti­ll fun! (and edu­ca­tio­na­l!)

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