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Urssus: July 24th

I in­tend to keep wo­rking like this for a cou­ple of weeks, and see how far I can get in fea­tu­re pa­ri­ty to ak­re­ga­to­r.

No, I do­n't ex­pect to rea­ch fea­tu­re pa­ri­ty, I on­ly want to stri­ve for it. SIn­ce I la­ck the fo­cu­san­d/or ener­gy for a multi year co­m­mit­ment it re­qui­res to wri­te the ave­ra­ge free so­ftwa­re, I want to see how far a sprint ge­ts me.

To my sur­pri­se, on­ly 9 da­ys in­to the pro­jec­t, fea­tu­re pa­ri­ty is at han­d.

Wha­t's not do­ne?

  • So­­­me feed pro­­­pe­r­­ties (cus­­tom ar­­chi­­ving mo­­­des, ma­­rk as read on arri­­va­­l)

  • Fix ar­ti­­cle fi­l­­te­­ring (i­­t's not qui­­te bro­­ken, but in­­te­­ra­c­­ts ba­d­­ly wi­­th many things)

  • Im­­ple­­ment app pre­­fe­­ren­­ces dia­­log

  • Fi­l­­te­­ring by ar­ti­­cle sta­­tus

  • Fo­l­­de­­r-a­s-­­feed

  • Ex­­port as OPML

  • Fa­­vi­­cons

And so­me things in the ba­cken­d, whi­ch are not pro­per fea­tu­res.

What ha­ve I do­ne to­da­y?

  • New ar­ti­­cles no­­­ti­­fi­­ca­­tion via sys­­tray

  • Cus­­tom up­­da­­te in­­te­r­­vals pe­­r-­­feed

  • Ma­­de Fee­­d.un­­rea­­dCoun­­t() fast enou­­gh

  • Fixed a lot of bugs (no­­­ne of whi­­ch cra­s­hed uR­S­­Sus, take that Ak­­re­­ga­­to­­­r! ;-)

And sti­ll I ha­ve wri­tten on­ly 1066 li­nes of co­de, ac­cor­ding to sloc­coun­t.

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