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Urssus: July 20th / eating my own dogfood

Yes, I am now us­ing uRSSus in­stead of Akre­ga­tor.

On the pro­gram­ming side, I did very lit­tle work be­cause it's sun­day...

  • Im­­ple­­men­t­ed the Find wind­get back­­end code and it works for­wad and back­­ward (but not "Match case" which is pret­­ty triv­ial).

  • Fixed a few fo­­cus is­­sues. When you have a mul­ti­-wid­get main win­­dow, it can get kin­­da trick­­y, and you may end need­ing to move fo­­cus around man­u­al­­ly (not in this case yet).

I have found a few bugs, main­ly re­lat­ed to travers­ing the feed tree, but they are all fix­able with some ef­fort (or by do­ing it cor­rect­ly the sec­ond time ;-)

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