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Be afraid, young pumpkins!

Al­low me to en­ter trash-talk­ing mod­e...

Be very afraid be­cause this year, my mighty skills are en­ter­ing Py­Week for the first time.

Just to make it in­ter­est­ing and some­what chal­leng­ing:

  • I will be en­ter­ing as an in­­di­vid­u­al, not in a team.

  • I have not writ­ten a line of PyGame code in my life.

  • I have writ­ten bare­­ly any game code at al­l.

  • I will sub­­mit my fi­­nal code one day ear­lier, just be­­cause I can.

Nonethe­less, I in­tend to kick ass­es and ask no ques­tion­s. I in­tend to over­whelm you all with a game of such awe­some­ness you will all whith­er like let­tuce in La­p­land. I will write code of such in­ge­nu­ity you will try to steal it and fail.

...ex­it­ing mod­e.

Should be fun and my en­try will prob­a­bly suck. But we'll see...

Juanjo / 2007-09-04 05:23:

Challenge has started!
Are you in? Which is your entry name?

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