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Quote of the day (ok, of May 21st, 2007, but I only saw it today)

Said Giles Bowkett

The Perl com­mu­ni­ty's start­ing to look more and more like the Lisp com­mu­ni­ty ev­ery day. The com­bi­na­tion of in­cred­i­ble pow­er, reclu­sive wiz­ard­s, and an­ti­so­cial Slash­dot­ters gives it the vibe of a lava-­filled waste­land dot­ted with tow­ers where strange men with white beards ob­sess over un­speak­able knowl­edge. I spoke to some­one once who com­pared pro­gram­ming in Lisp to study­ing Kab­bal­ah, in that it does strange things to your head. Parts of Perl are like that. Stil­l, source fil­ter­ing's kind of cool. Un­nec­es­sary, but cool.

So, now we know. Saru­man used too much Per­l.

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