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Almost a real spreadsheet! (with video)

I was able to hack a bit at Stupid­Sheet this morn­ing, and there are some re­al ad­vances.

In fac­t, it's a bare­ly func­tion­al spread­sheet al­ready! Hel­l, it has at least one fea­ture OOcalc lack­s, and one both OOcalc and KSpread missed.

Check it out in this video (9.5M­B):

Sor­ry, dead file

Sor­ry if the au­dio is out of sync and/or too low. And you prob­a­bly can't stream it, you need to down­load it first. And maybe it will 404 on you. If that's the case, wait a few min­utes and in­sist.

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