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Rst2PDF Release Plans

I have spent a lit­tle time on rst2pdf these last few days. It does­n't look too bad, con­sid­er­ing the long ne­glec­t, but there is some break­age.

Af­ter go­ing over al­most 300 in­te­gra­tion tests by hand, I iden­ti­fied a few re­gres­sions (and a cou­ple of bugs that fixed them­selves, yay).

So, in or­der to do a re­lease, I am hop­ing to fix the­se:

I prob­a­bly will not fix them al­l, and trunk works much bet­ter for many cas­es than 0.92 so I should not block a re­lease on any of the­se, re­al­ly. I will give my­self a cou­ple of weeks to see how many (if any) I can get done.

On the oth­er hand, if any­one read­ing this feels ad­ven­tur­ous, and wants to lend a hand, help is al­ways wel­come.

In the mean­time, this is a list of what's changed in trunk from ver­sion 0.92:

  • Sup­­port rst2pdf [inf [out­f]] syn­­tax to be more com­­pat­i­ble with rst2*

  • Im­­ple­­men­t­ed Is­­sue 389: New --strip-ele­­men­t-with­­-­­class op­­tion

  • Fixed Is­­sue 474: Cel­l­Style1 is not there in re­­port­lab 2.6

  • Re­­moved de­­fault pad­d­ing from De­layedTable, which looked bad on head­­er­s/­­foot­er­s.

  • Im­prove­­ments to the math di­rec­­tive (font col­or and size)

  • Bet­ter sup­­port for styling lit­er­al­s.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 454 (S­­plit­t­ing fail­ure)

  • Switched from svglib to svg2rlg

  • Re­­moved uni­­con­ver­­tor sup­­port

  • Fixed Is­­sue 477: Sink foot­note sep­a­ra­­tor (patch by aser­­max)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 473: Sup­­port "code" di­rec­­tive like an alias of code-block.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 472: Im­­ple­­men­t­ed My­Im­age._un­Re­stric­t­­Size

  • Fixed Is­­sue 471: Re­spect class in lineblock­­s.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 455: New pisa/x­ht­m­l2pdf has very dif­fer­­ent im­­ports

  • Marked Is­­sue 358 as fixed (L­it­er­al blocks ren­dered with large bot­­tom margin)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 410: al­ways in­­­clude full lines in code-blocks (m­­mueller patch)

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