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Nicoletta: Nikola's little sister

Last night I saw this post by James Hard­ing ex­plain­ing how to make a sim­ple stat­ic blog us­ing Flask.

It got me think­ing... how hard would it be, and how much code would it take, to write the same func­tion­al­i­ty with as few de­pen­den­cies as pos­si­ble?

So, in­stead of break­fast and lunch I got a cof­fee and a sand­wich, and you guys get Nico­let­ta a min­i­mal­is­tic stat­ic blog gen­er­a­tor.

The de­pen­den­cies are:

And how much code was it? I had guessed 25 lines, and was off by a lot, it's 40. I could cheat a lit­tle and bring it down to 25, but hey, what's the point?

The code is up at github and should be self ex­plana­to­ry. If it's not, just ask here in the com­ments.

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