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New in Nikola Master: Interactive Console

In­spired by Djan­go's in­ter­ac­tive con­sole, I added one to Niko­la, my stat­ic site gen­er­a­tor so that if you want to play with its in­ter­nal­s, you can do it eas­i­ly. Here's an ex­am­ple ses­sion:

$ nikola init pepe
A new site with some sample data has been created at pepe.
See README.txt in that folder for more information.
$ cd pepe
$ nikola console
Scanning posts
You can now access your configuration as conf and your site engine as SITE
>>> [p.title('en') for p in SITE.timeline]
[u'Listings Demo', u'Nikola: it generates static', u'Welcome to Nikola',
u'A reStructuredText Primer', u'A reStructuredText Reference', u'Sample
Nikola Config File', u'The Nikola Handbook', u'Theming Nikola']

Have fun!

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