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Some people say anything

Last night I saw an "in­ves­tiga­tive news" pro­gram on the TV. It's called "In­forme Cen­tral", and their head­line sto­ry was about an aban­doned fac­to­ry in San tel­mo (where tourists go to see typ­i­cal BA and lo­cals go to see tourist­s).

The thing is, that fac­to­ry has been tak­en over by poor peo­ple who live there. It's con­ve­nient­ly lo­cat­ed, and they don't pay any­thing.

On the oth­er hand, it's a nest of drug, rape, pover­ty and vi­o­lence, but that's not the on­ly thing these "jour­nal­ist­s" said.

They said they lived in in­hu­mane con­di­tion­s, up to 2.6 per­sons per square me­ter.

They al­so said about 300 peo­ple live there, which would mean there are rough­ly 115 square me­ters in the fac­to­ry.

Which is, ac­tu­al­ly, clos­er to 1200 square me­ter­s. or maybe 5000. But they kept on say­ing those num­ber­s.

Do you know that in or­der to have 2.6 per­sons per square me­ter so that each of them has a small (dou­ble) bunk bed, you would have to put the bunk beds one next to the oth­er with 20cm-wide spa­ces in be­tween?

How the hell did they get that num­ber? Is that a sign of their reg­u­lar in­ves­tiga­tive qual­i­ty? Prob­a­bly.

Jin / 2006-10-25 20:33:

iór inglish is tu bédi

Roberto Alsina / 2006-10-25 20:41:

Ermmmm... thanks?

Jin / 2006-10-25 21:21:

Anytime ^^

martin j. ponce / 2006-10-26 02:58:

I am afraid none will knows WFK some people make maths.

In Mexico, while the 2000 census,
someone take a wise math.

For take some ground.
My grandfather knows the nahuatl and the spanish language. As he is the only one that can talk, he account for 1 person. But as note 2 says, all my family (10 persons) are automagically nahuatl speakers.

btw. as my gradfather died, oops!!
there are now 10 nahuatl speakers less. And automagically i have losts all my nahuatl skills!


martin j. ponce / 2006-10-26 03:01:

Población indígena (1) por lengua (2) , porcentaje de hablantes de lengua indígena y ubicación geográfica, México, 2000

1 Se refiere a la población en hogares en donde el jefe, el cónyuge o algún ascendente declaró hablar alguna lengua indígena.
2 Se asignó a los miembros del hogar la lengua hablada por el jefe, el cónyuge o un ascendiente, independientemente de la lengua declarada por cada uno de ellos; en caso de hablarse distintas lenguas.

Anonymous / 2006-10-26 15:44:

I wouldn't be surprised if they just took the densest area they could come up with (even if it was area that was 2.6 square meters in size) and then said that number, since it was 'up to' 2.6.

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