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Happy post

I have not post­ed in a few days, be­cause I have been very busy.

I have not even been able to see all match­es (I missed US­A/Czech, Italy/Ghana).

But man, did watch­ing Ar­genti­na/S&M pay of­f! :-)

A very good match by Ar­genti­na, which of course brings up the ob­vi­ous ques­tion­s...

  • Is the S&M de­fense made of be­­head­­ed chick­­en­s?

Al­leged­ly it's one of the best de­fens­es in Eu­rope, but their best play­er was out. So it's not con­clu­sive. My bet is that they are not be­head­ed chick­en­s, and that Ar­genti­na made them look bad. Or rather: 25% be­head­ed chick­en­s, 75% Ar­genti­na's mer­it.

On the oth­er hand, the play­er that said they should have at­tacked against the dutch was wrong. It's not called be­ing a cow­ard, it's called know­ing you can't score.

  • Was the good Dutch per­­for­­mance against S&M re­al?

Who knows. We will fig­ure it out for sure af­ter they play Ivory Coast. My bet? Tough match for the dutch, pos­si­bly a tie.

Now for the oth­er team­s:

Eng­land has noth­ing. They suck much more than you think now. Wait un­til they play a team that ac­tu­al­ly has a for­ward who can score (and is not play­ing 5 like Yorke). Set pieces for Beck­ham at mid­field and Crouch try­ing to head it in is not some­thing that's go­ing to work a lot. For their sakes, Owen and Rooney bet­ter start show­ing some­thing com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent than against T&T. Which still has a chance. I would pre­fer them and not Swe­den to stay in the cup!

Ger­many has some­thing. The de­fense was im­proved (although Poland has a lame at­tack­), and their for­wards are not bad.

Spain has a lot. Spe­cial­ly go­ing for­ward, and they made Ukrayne look like am­a­teurs. We'll see if that was Ukrayne's fault of Spain's mer­it lat­er on.

Brazil has some­thing big. His name is Ronal­do. Re­move him and they are go­ing to kick as­s.

Juanjo / 2006-06-17 05:23:

Nice to read your posts about the World Cup. What do you think about Messi and Tevez?

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