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I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

am very dis­tract­ed when I walk down the street. Or rather, I am pay­ing a lot of at­ten­tion, but it's spread over a whole lot of dif­fer­ent things.


Her name is Faith Pop­corn. Seen on Mar del Pla­ta.

My favourite, since I am a com­pul­sive read­er, is read­ing street sign­s. There is al­ways some­thing off about signs in a for­eign coun­try. They are ei­ther about things oth­er coun­tries don't care about, or are writ­ten in a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent style.


Fixed hair braid­ing prices in Ba­hamas

And some­times you run in­to things you just have nev­er seen be­fore. Those things can be found any­where, and can be any­thing, since ... well, you have nev­er seen them be­fore.

And now, a hy­drant wear­ing a sweater in Bu­da­pest.

It does­n't have to be some­thing re­al­ly strange, it may just be some­thing you have not seen be­fore by chance.

Street sweep­ers get OCD too. Seen on San Isidro.

Or maybe you just fig­ure some­thing out right there and then.

So that's why sug­ar cubes are bet­ter. Seen in Bu­da­pest.

Or ... you don't know what to say.

Seen at Ti­gre. I have no idea.

Or things you don't have where you come from.

Blimp! Seen in Lon­don.

Or they are just so po­lite to ask.


Or you don't un­der­stand at first.

How did that kid get there?

And then you do.

It's a trick foun­tain! Seen in Bu­da­pest.

Or maybe it's some­thing you see ev­ery day, out of con­tex­t.

A typ­i­cal ar­gen­tini­an mi­lane­sa sand­wich. Bought on the street in Bu­da­pest.

A DI­A% su­per­mar­ket, like the one near my home. In Is­tan­bul.

And some­times it's some­thing you nev­er sus­pect­ed even ex­ist­ed, or how it could ex­ist.

This is a chap­ter in a turk­ish book. It takes place at my wed­ding.

Or out of con­tex­t.

Seen around the cor­ner of my house.

Or alien.


Ho­tel tow­el, seen in Or­lan­do, Flor­i­da.



Yes, I did get a hair­cut. Seen in Lon­don.



Fer­ry in Is­tan­bul



True TV Re­mote seen in a ho­tel in Aveni­da de May­o, Buenos Aires, in 2004.

this, ex­cept for that TV re­mote, is just a small sam­ple of what I have seen in the last 12 month­s. These have been a re­al­ly cool 12 month­s.

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