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Discount: FAIL!

Sup­pose a Thing (T­M) costs $100. Now,y­ou are of­fered a 20% dis­coun­t. You ex­pect to pay $80 for it, right?

That means you ex­pect to pay, for X dis­coun­t, 100-X % of the cost.

That's why this pic­ture is full of FAIL.


BTW: Re­al pic­ture from a shop in Mar del Plata, Ar­genti­na, a few days ago.

Scott Lamb / 2008-06-12 08:26:

You mean the negative discount? What else would you expect from a sign posted in a language that has double negatives? (An attribute I've never been able to understand, but it at least seems consistent with this sign's poor math.)

Roberto Alsina / 2008-06-12 14:04:

There ain´t no such thing as a double negative in english? ;-)

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