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Regional Thought

You like to be­lie­ve what you thi­nk is ra­tio­na­l. You like to be­lie­ve that you are not one of tho­se mis­gui­ded peo­ple who be­lie­ve cra­zy stu­ff.

We­ll, so­rr­y, you are. As an exam­ple, I wi­ll pro­vi­de two su­pers­ti­tions that wi­ll ea­ch look stu­pid to the per­son who be­lie­ves the othe­r, and wi­ll bo­th look stu­pid to the peo­ple who be­lie­ve nei­the­r.

If you are from a coun­try of bri­tish he­ri­ta­ge, you may be­lie­ve chee­se gi­ves you ni­ght­ma­res. If you are in the Bri­tish Chee­se Boar­d, you may ha­ve paid for a study that clai­ms that ea­ting Che­d­dar wi­ll make you dream of ce­le­bri­tie­s.

Al­so, the offi­cial Che­d­dar An­the­m:

On the other han­d, if you are from Sou­th Ko­rea, you may be in­cli­ned to be­lie­ve that slee­ping wi­th an elec­tric fan tur­ned on is dan­ge­rous, and may cau­se you as­ph­y­xia­te, or su­ffer hy­po­ther­mia.


If bo­th of the­se sound ab­surd to you, keep in mind that you pro­ba­bly hold so­me be­lief just as ab­sur­d, but do­n't know it.

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