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Mama Don't Let Your Baby Grow Up To Be a Cowboy^W Lisper

For­get about it, co­w­bo­ys are fi­ne. Let them grow up to be co­w­bo­ys, I do­n't ca­re. But Lis­per­s... nah. Ok, no, the­re is­n't an­y­thing wrong about Lis­p, or about using Lis­p, or about peo­ple that use Lis­p.

The­re is, ho­we­ve­r, so­me­thing wrong about being a Lis­pe­r, the kind of per­son that takes ad­van­ta­ge of any mo­ment to look do­wn on any co­de and say "oh, this in Lisp would be clea­ne­r/ea­sie­r/s­hor­te­r/­fas­te­r/­tri­via­l/whate­ve­r".

And I must con­fe­ss I ha­ve be­co­me that per­so­n, but wi­th Py­thon ins­tead of Lis­p. So I wi­ll be doing so­me no­n-­p­y­thon co­ding pro­jec­ts this yea­r. Be­cau­se clo­seness means bad perspec­ti­ve, and be­cau­se I do­n't want to be that per­so­n.

So, C++ he­re I co­me (ba­ck). I see you'­ve chan­ge­d. So ha­ve I. Le­t's gi­ve us a chan­ce.

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