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Easy Solutions to Easy Problems

A few da­ys ago my son went to a ki­d's bar­bershop whe­re they do things like play Scoob­y-­Doo in a Pla­ys­ta­tion whi­le they get a hair­cu­t. He liked it so mu­ch that he de­ci­ded to take ma­tters in his own han­d­s. Wi­th scis­sor­s.

Da­dd­y, I may ha­ve cut so­me hai­r.

But you know wha­t? Ea­sy pro­ble­ms ha­ve ea­sy so­lu­tion­s. And I ha­ve a hair cli­ppe­r.

So­n, I may ha­ve cut so­me hair too.

Pablo2M / 2012-12-16 01:41:

Un corte ideal para el verano.

kenBrockman / 2013-02-12 16:26:

My older brother had done the same thing when he was a child. He put a large bandage on his head when he went to school. I think he had told the Nuns that he had had brain surgery.

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