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Don't Trust The Objectivist in Appartment 23

Firs­t, a bit of ad­vi­ce: If you ha­ve not seen Do­n't trust the bi­tch in apart­ment 23 go ahead and do it, it's ve­ry funn­y.

The he­ro of the sto­ry is a bri­ght young wo­man (pla­yed by an ac­tress that looks like Zooey Des­cha­ne­l's smar­t, evil cou­si­n) who has dis­co­ve­red a un­sa­tis­fied need in the real es­ta­te ma­rke­t: room­ma­tes who wi­ll take your de­po­si­t, make your li­fe he­ll, con­vin­ce you to lea­ve, yet co­m­mit no cri­mes vi­le enou­gh to wa­rrant po­li­ce's atten­tio­n.

Ha­ving found that nee­d, she, like any true hu­man, ful­fi­lls it in he­roic fas­hio­n, thus taking wha­t's ri­gh­tfu­lly hers by vir­tue of her in­ge­nui­ty and wi­ll­po­we­r.

Her la­test room­ma­te is attrac­ted to her mag­ne­tic per­so­na­li­ty and strong élan, and dis­pla­ys so­me in­te­res­ting wit of her own when she reac­ts to our he­ro­'s sche­me by ste­a­ling and se­lling all her be­lon­gings, whi­ch lea­ds to funny hi­ji­nks.

Sin­ce this is a uto­pic co­med­y, sta­te's in­ter­fe­ren­ce in the affairs of our he­ros is ine­xis­tan­t, allo­wing them to exer­ci­se so­ve­re­ign ri­gh­ts over their own bo­die­s, like when they gi­ve al­cohol to a thir­teen yeaar ol­d, or deal in drugs, whi­ch as we all kno­w, are vic­ti­m­le­ss cri­me­s, pla­yed for lau­ghs (and rea­ll­y, the chi­ne­se pi­lls bit is funn­y).

I ha­ve on­ly seen the pi­lo­t, but I look fo­rward to the pro­ta­go­nis­ts' star­ting a steel com­pan­y, or ma­y­be a rai­l­road cor­po­ra­tio­n, or ma­y­be joi­ning John Gal­t.

I gi­ve this show 4 Ran­ds out of fi­ve.

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