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Two hard days of work, in­clud­ing mi­grat­ing a serv­er at mid­night. A serv­er that noone re­al­ly knew ex­act­ly what it did!

You see, lots of apps went through it. Weird busi­ness cus­tom pro­pri­etary apps for sev­er­al com­pa­nies.

So, what had to be done? make an­oth­er one of those evil con­trap­tions work. But ap­par­ent­ly noone found a way to pile an­oth­er hack on the hack­tow­er, and my job was to clean up the mess.

Well, they haven't called me yet, so ei­ther it worked, or the guy that I gave my num­ber was fired ;-)

Tom / 2006-04-03 05:05:

i know how much fun this can be.

after running out of space on our intranet server we discovered that our sysadmin had formatted only half of the entire size of the harddrive.

being resourceful, i attempted to use this lame tool 'server magic' from powerquest to resize the active partition to be able to use the full size of the disk. what do you know? afterwards the server refused to boot...after unsuccessful recovery attempts it was time for an unexpected migration...always a not-so-welcome addition when you already have a thousand other things to do...

and the worse thing is, after it's running again normally, nobody has the faintest idea how much tweak-work was involved. heck, the people who use it don't even realize that it's on a completely new server...

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