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Distro musings

I have been on Arch for a while now.

So far, not bad. Not too good, ei­ther, but it is a fun dis­tro.

I am think­ing of us­ing it as a base for my ev­er-­va­porous per­son­al small serv­er dis­tro.

You can see any progress I make by search­ing for my pack­ages in AUR (search for sub­mit­ter ralsi­na). AUR is re­al­ly a nice thing to have for a hob­by­ist. You put your stuff there, peo­ple can find it, they can even try it, com­ment on it, vote on it... re­al­ly a very nice com­mu­ni­ty site for a very hob­by­ist dis­tro.

markc / 2006-09-14 06:41:

Hey that is really interesting. I am also thinking of using AL as a base for a light ISP liveCD. I was going to use Ubuntu, still might (edgy perhaps) but for the last few months I've been using AL for my main desktop and I really like it. I notice you use qmail whereas I use courier... they both use maildir format though. FWIW I use apache2, php5, mysql5 (slightly modified for 64 char usernames), pure-ftpd and xtradius (which I will need to package).

Mark Kretschmann / 2006-09-14 13:26:

I'm interested to learn what negative sides you discovered in Arch Linux.

Joseph Tate / 2006-09-14 13:44:

Have you checked out rPath's rBuilder? You could get your small server distro up and running in an evening (providing everything you need is already packaged). I maintain a mail server distribution in my spare time called Port 25.

Roberto Alsina / 2006-09-14 14:38:

Joseph: well... it is not packaged because qmail is tricky. To have a decent installation you need a seriously hacked version, and my particular collection of hacks is unlike others.... there are hardly any two identical qmail setups :-(

But yeah, rBuilder is nice.

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