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RASCAN 0.1.0

Yet an­oth­er lit­tle pro­gram.

In this case, it's called ras­can, and it's a re­write of In­ter7's sim­scan.

What does it do? It eas­i­ly hooks cla­mav and spa­mas­sas­sin in­to your qmail-smt­pd se­tup, so you will not ac­cept virus­es in your server, and tag spam.

It still lacks some fea­tures, like bounc­ing mes­sages based on spa­mas­sas­sin hit­s, or block­ing at­tach­ments, but it has at least one fea­ture sim­scan lacks (adding foot­ers to mes­sages).

It's still al­pha, so I would­n't put it on a pro­duc­tion server, but it may even work ;-)

mark / 2012-05-20 09:32:

Can you show us the script you made? I still confuse how to integrate simscan and altermime. Thank you.

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