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Sometimes people just don't think

ISC makes dhcpd and BIND.

Dhcpd can up­date a BIND zone us­ing a va­ri­ety of meth­od­s. The one I saw ex­am­ples of is called the "in­ter­im" method. It re­quires that you cre­ate what's called a TISC key, used by BIND to au­then­ti­cate the zone up­date re­quest­s.

All fine and dandy. BIND even has a tool to gen­er­ate such keys.

Too bad about 1 in ev­ery 8 times, the key will in­clude a / and will be a syn­tax er­ror if you in­clude it in a BIND named.­conf file.

A mi­nor bug? Sure. But come on, noone has no­ticed it?????

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