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I have been in orkut for a while, since Taj in­vit­ed me. I had pret­ty much for­got­ten about it, but got an­oth­er mail from them be­cause some­one con­nect­ed to me...

I have nev­er been a fo­rum guy. What´s the use of it? (and yes, Uwe, I know that´s what you asked ;-) Maybe I am miss­ing some­thing here.

Or is it that just be­cause I ac­tu­al­ly know peo­ple in per­son I can´t see the fun of it? ;-)

taj / 2006-04-03 07:14:

Yes, it's true that I don't know any real people, only online bots like the one that writes this site. ;)

I was hoping that orkut would evolve into something useful, after all trust metrics can be used for all sorts of cool things. It's just a pity that didn't happen, and doesn't seem to be likely since we mere users don't have access to the metrics ourselves.

Roberto Alsina / 2006-04-03 07:15:

Well, you know... I *am* a bot ( see the link ;-)

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