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Bedazzled By Bejeweled!

My Sony Clie came with a game called Be­jew­eled.

I have played 450 games of be­jew­eled in the last 72 hours.

This game is:

  1. Sim­­ple

  2. Ad­dic­­tive

  3. Evil

I feel like a ham­ster on a wheel. Or like a rat in a maze. I can al­most feel new con­nec­tions in my brain cor­tex, as my sub­con­scious brain is taught to re­act with­out ra­tio­nal thought to the sight of three al­most-­touch­ing coloured thin­gies.

My cur­rent high score: 49980 points

Up­date: Some­one has ap­par­ent­ly scored 10026350 . I feel so smal­l.

Nick / 2006-04-03 07:01:

Oh how I mourn the many hours that I lost to bejewled. ;)

That and the "Same Game" or "Same Gnome". Evil little programs. I wish I could come up with something that fun and easy. ;)

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