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My new, great, weird PDA

Ok, so, as I said, I bought my­self a Sony Clie PEG-SJ30.

Just for good habit, I de­cid­ed to go to Sony's web­site and check if there were any up­dates on the soft­ware for it, or what­ev­er.

Mine is a PEG-SJ30/U mod­el. Sony has nev­er heard of it. If you check for it in Sony's prod­uct sup­port DB, it says it's a bad mod­el name.

Ev­ery­where you gonna find pic­tures of the PEG-SJ30 and will see a sil­ver-­plas­tic case.

Well, mine has a teal-and-black plas­tic case.

The one you see ev­ery­where has a flip-­top ny­lon screen cov­er.

Mine has a (sony orig­i­nal) book-shaped leather cov­er (I don't like it, it's way too thick­).

Oh, sure, it ex­ist­s, you can find it in google, but it seems it's a very un­usu­al mod­el. It works great, though.

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