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What´s going on

Been busy. Work is back in full throt­tle, so time for cod­ing and blog­ging is low.

Hope­ful­ly, I will earn enough in the com­ing month to take it easy in march, then go crazy in april and so on.

This blog has been much more fun than I ex­pect­ed and I want to thank the guys at pyds for host­ing it for free, they pro­vide ex­ce­lent ser­vice :-)

Life is good. I have been play­ing with a fly­video2000 I will in­stall for a clien­t: sweet TV board. I think I will buy my­self one.

  • It works with lin­ux (after some learn­ing, which is good, too)

  • MythTV turns it in­­­to a love­­ly recorder, TV, etc, ex­­cept you need in­­ter­net for it to work at all (or else it does­n´t get a chan­nel list!).

  • For a few dol­lars I get an­oth­er TV and VCR, which I don´t need but is cool any­way

  • With a lit­­tle ef­­fort and some cool free code, it can mon­i­­tor sur­veil­lance cam­eras, sav­ing a client of mine from buy­ing a dig­i­­tal recorder... and giv­ing me some more mon­ey :-)

  • It has a re­­mote that is sup­­port­ed by lirc (haven´t made it work yet) so I am sup­­posed to be able to re­­mote­­ly con­trol mplay­er/kaf­feine/what­ev­er (even when not play­ing TV :-)

So, all in al­l, fun stuff.

The on­ly bad piece is, I haven´t cod­ed much (or at al­l), but I will get to it on due time.

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