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Buenas noticias: Linux revive hardware! Malas noticias: no deberia!

Es­te post es pa­ra reír­se un ra­ti­to. Es­te no de­be­ría ser su ser­ve­r. Es una so­lu­ción tem­po­ral de­bi­do a mul­ti­ples fa­llas si­mul­ta­neas de har­dwa­re. Es­ta es una em­pre­sa gran­de y bien ad­mi­nis­tra­da, y es­ta si­tua­ción irre­gu­lar se va a re­sol­ver pron­to. Y de to­das for­mas fun­cio­na.

Co­mo sa­be­n, Li­nux pue­de ha­cer es­te ti­po de tra­ba­jo sin gran­des re­que­ri­mien­tos de har­dwa­re. Des­pués de to­do, só­lo ne­ce­si­ta ma­ne­jar unos 3 Mbps de da­to­s, y es­te equi­po tie­ne 2GB de RA­M, así que hay mu­cho lu­gar pa­ra un ca­ché rá­pi­do.

Así que ten­ga­mos un po­co de bue­na­s/­ma­las no­ti­cia­s.

Bue­nas no­ti­cia­s: Es un ver­da­de­ro ser­vi­dor IBM! Ma­las no­ti­cia­s: Es un IBM Ne­tfi­ni­ty 5000 (mo­de­lo 3Ry)!


Aquí hay un po­co de in­for­ma­ción téc­ni­ca de IBM.

Bue­nas no­ti­cia­s: Tie­ne 2 CPUs! Ma­las no­ti­cia­s: Son dos Pen­tium II de 450­Mh­z.

Bue­nas no­ti­cia­s: so­por­ta dis­cos SCSI ho­t-swa­p! Ma­las no­ti­cia­s: no hay dis­cos pa­ra esa con­tro­la­do­ra, así que va­mos a usar es­te dis­co IDE PA­TA de 8GB!


Y lo va­mos a de­jar ahí sen­ta­do jun­to a la lec­to­ra de CD, jun­to al agu­je­ro adon­de irían los dis­cos SCSI.

Ma­las no­ti­cia­s: tien­de a re­ca­len­tar­se! Bue­nas no­ti­cia­s! te­ne­mos có­mo man­te­ner el ca­fé ti­bio!

Mark / 2008-03-13 03:28:

I have IPCop running on a ancient AST with a PII 300, 512M, 1 ATA Seagate 1G HDD old enough to drive a car. Its been on solid since 2001. All the parts came out of machines from the mid 90's I put a drop of oil on the fan bearing every 6 months or so or when it gets noisy. Its had three modems connected to it fried by lightning but it runs on. It only serves 5 desk tops and a couple of notebooks on wireless, so its not really taxed. But it just wont die.

Barry Compton / 2008-03-13 04:36:

Hey the 5000 was one of the most solid units I have ever worked on. It is / was a work horse. Not like these SAS / SATA systems that are coming out today. It may not be the fastest horse out of the gate.. but it will get you from here to there and back again !

Mike Potter / 2008-03-13 09:54:

If it keeps your coffee warm who cares nothing else is important.

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