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Thinking about this blog.

I sup­pose it hap­pens to ev­ery­one once in a while, and it has hap­pened to me of­ten in the past, but I am think­ing if I should keep on writ­ing this blog, or if some large change is need­ed.

Here are some ran­dom things from my head:

  1. Al­­most noone reads it. Re­al­­ly. It has less than 40 sub­­scriber­s. That's pa­­thet­ic for a blog that has con­­tent for over 7 years :-)

  2. Maybe I should post in span­ish, or at least bil­in­gual­­ly.

  3. Maybe I should write more fea­­tures. When I write a longish piece and an­­nounce it, there is a re­spectable traf­f­ic surge.

  4. On the oth­­er hand, I en­joy writ­ing it. And it's re­al­­ly very lit­­tle ef­­fort (spe­­cial­­ly now, with Bartle­Blog ;-)

  5. Maybe it should be more fo­­cused in one area, make it a python pro­­gram­ming blog, or a tu­­to­ri­als blog, or some­thing like that.

  6. But I am not a fo­­cused per­­son. I am a gen­er­al­ist. This week I have worked in the fol­low­ing things:

    • VoIP

    • Djan­­­go

    • PyQt

    • Lin­ux sysad­min­ing

    • Fire­wal­l/Proxy in­­­te­­­gra­­­tion with win­­­dows clients

    • Con­­­sult­ing in the most gen­er­ic sense, sit­t­ing with a com­­­pa­ny's IT staff and think­ing about their sit­u­a­­­tion.

    • Learn­ing PyGame

    And this was in 5 days of work. If I list­ed what I have done this year, it would take me 500 item­s. I am broad, how could my blog be nar­row?

  7. Maybe it's just not in­­ter­est­ing? Or bad­­ly done?

  8. Is it too nerdy? Is it not nerdy enough?

  9. I have had a blog with a small read­­er­­ship for 7 years, why is it both­­er­ing me now?

  10. If I stop, it does­n't mat­ter, I can al­ways pick it up again lat­er when I feel like writ­ing.

So, there. You, the 40 guys, com­ment on it if you want ;-)

Some Guy / 2007-08-12 08:34:

I scan your posts in my Firefox RSS sidebar almost every day. It is the second blog in my "Programming" folder. Your effort is not wasted. Thank you for your blog.

Daniel Tinivella / 2007-08-13 23:30:

_Sincerely Your blog is my favourite, You are not discouraged Robert You don't surrender, I explore your post, you are one of my "icons" in writing free software, thanks to write.-

Juanjo Conti / 2007-08-14 13:12:

Sigo tu blog por que se pueden leer cosas interesantes. Pero la verdad me gustaría más que esté en español.


PS: no encontré el botón para dejar comentarios relacionado con el post.. tuve que acceder por _Lastests Comments_

Roberto Alsina / 2007-08-14 13:26:

Lo de los comentarios es que Haloscan no está andando muy bien. Si recargas normalmente aparecen de nuevo mágicamente.

Lo de hacerlo en español... lo estoy pensando, en una de esas lo hago bilingüe.

Mathew Marshall / 2007-08-25 16:48:

I have at least a passing interest in all 7 things you worked on this week. Looking back in my feedreader, most of you posts in the last few months have be worth reading for me :)

kib2 / 2007-08-29 22:28:

I really like it as I like the same subjects.

Please continue this way...with a better CSS :)


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