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No, you don't understand... this site is not impopular, it's ELITE!

Ac­cord­ing to Alex­a.­com this site (//ralsi­ is the 682768th most pop­u­lar site in the in­ter­net this week.

Al­so, it's the 50998th most pop­u­lar site in Ar­genti­na and most supris­ing­ly.... the 10180th most pop­u­lar site in Slove­ni­a!

In fac­t, a whole 18.5% of my read­ers come from Slove­ni­a. Which is not sur­pris­ing. It's stun­ning!

I here­by salute all my slove­ni­an read­ers and de­clare my­self a Beno Udrih fan.

All the da­ta.

Ig­nore this link be­low, please.

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Hook / 2007-05-18 22:31:

Erm, just how big is your "readership" that we form a masive 18.5%? That *is* amazing ...especially if you take into account that Slovenia only has cca. 2 mil. inhabitants.

Roberto Alsina / 2007-05-18 22:44:

Well, according to statcounter, about 1200 viewers a day or so.

So that would be... 222 slovenians a day!

The proobable answer is that Alexa's numbers are pretty much garbage, but who knows...

Roberto Alsina / 2007-05-18 22:47:

Forgot to add: 1200 is a good day. Average is more like 400, which means roughly 81.4 slovenians.

Daniel Tinivella / 2007-05-19 04:02:

Your site is great Robert congratulations
Daniel Cba.

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