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Advogato post for 2000-09-06 17:19:31

mazeone: If I give a copy of whatever to Joe, he is now in compliance, because accepting the copy is legal (he is not forced to assure MY compliance), and the copy contains only GPLd code. You could argue that I would be breaking the license one last time, but what's another stripe on the tiger? ;-)

broth­er: It's not a mat­ter of black he­li­copter­s, at al­l. It's a mat­ter of hav­ing a pack­age (kdelib­s) that De­bian al­ready said has no li­cens­ing prob­lem­s, and still it nev­er gets in­to De­bian, af­ter many many month­s. Why should I be­lieve KDE will change their mind­s? Af­ter al­l, again, it was not li­cens­ing that kept kdelibs out! In fac­t, I still have not seen any ra­tio­nal ex­pla­na­tion on why kdelibs was re­moved in the first place, ex­cept that they were wrong about the li­cense of some­thing in it (get­tex­t). They were wrong. They knew it. Did they put it back? Of course not.

Be­sides, did­n't knew that post­ing some­thing in my di­ary was yelling ;-)

nymia: Odds of what? Odds of hav­ing fun cod­ing? Prob­a­bly. Odds of find­ing peo­ple to use the code? I doubt it. Odds of be­ing sued? There are none what­so­ev­er. The so­lu­tion is so triv­ial (and de­scribed be­low) that it makes no sense to even whine.

Be­lieve it or not, I am now to­tal­ly re­laxed. Since I don't give a damn about the whole bunch any­more, they can do what­ev­er they wan­t, in­clud­ing sue­ing me, if they re­al­ly want to. They are dead to me.

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