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Advogato post for 2000-08-16 18:23:31

Oh, joy, I'm coding :-) I'm doing a bunch of things, trying to decide on a largish project to tackle (that is not as scary as porting KRN to KDE2).

One of the things is a KDE style, I call Note, al­though it could be called flat.

Al­so, I'm try­ing to look at Qt de­sign­er, with some trou­ble, be­cause there is some­thing in one of the source files that to­tal­ly drives gcc in­sane, mak­ing it eat a bazil­lion megabytes of RAM.

The gen­er­at­ed XML files are very read­able. I am cu­ri­ous whether there is sup­port for run­time load­ing of them. I used to use that with Kde­vel­op's di­a­log ed­i­tor in­stead of the code gen­er­a­tion route, and it's much cool­er.

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