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Counting unread items is HARD

I mean, if google can get it wrong, I have an ex­cuse, right?


See how at the same time you see:

  • At the left: "All items (8)"

  • At the top-­­cen­ter: "8 new item­s"

  • In the tree: 8 items

  • In the list: 14 new items

Each of those num­bers can get out of sync with each oth­er if you do some­thing the "wrong" way.

But what the heck, it seems as of r678 urssus does it right. The list of un­read posts even up­dates when you have it open adding the new posts in the right places with­out dis­turb­ing you, and keep­ing the right num­bers ev­ery­where, AFAIC­S!


So here, in uRSSUs:

  • 13 un­read ar­ti­­cles in the "Un­read Ar­ti­­cles" item

  • 13 in "All Feed­s"

  • 13 adding each fold­er

  • 13 in the ar­ti­­cle list

Sad­ly, this is all post-0.2.11 re­lease.

uRSSus 0.2.11 is out!

Since I did some neat cod­ing on it yes­ter­day and to­day, I de­cid­ed it was a good mo­ment to re­lease uRSSus 0.2.11 in­to the wild.

It does­n't look much dif­fer­ent from 0.2.9 but it works much, much bet­ter.

Gone are the crazy dis­ap­pear­ing/du­pli­cate feeds when drag­ging/­drop­ping in the feed tree.

Gone is the bro­ken up­date sched­uler, and now feeds up­date smooth­ly.

Gone are the in­con­sis­tent dis­plays (like All feeds <> Un­read item­s)

Gone is the CPU guz­zling

Gone seems to be the DB lock­ing and IO churn­ing.

Sad­ly, gone is the DB schema mi­gra­tion be­cause I can't get miruku to work with cur­rent alche­my/mi­grate/Elixir. Since I don't re­mem­ber if the DB schema changed since 0.2.9 this may be bad ... or not. Back­up, friend­s. Ex­port to OPML and back. What­ev­er, this is al­pha stuff ;-)

So, head to the uRSSus home­page and take a look. Maybe you will like it!

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